My first e-commerce project, which is still progressively improving.

This website's unique feature is that a portion of their profits go to a charity, which changes every month. With that change, I change the website's colors to coordinate with the charity month, something you usually do not see very often.

Dragon Kim's Karate USA

A website redesign for Dragon Kim's Karate USA, a very successful Taekwondo/Karate school in the New Jersey and Staten Island area

They have 5 locations around New Jersey and Staten Island, NY

Red Dragon Karate USA

A website that provides information for a Taekwondo School in Pennsylvania.

Owned by Master Steve Landgraf, he owns three schools in Pennsylvania: two in Carbondale, PA and one in Clifford, PA.

He uses one website for both locations.

Danny Aiello III

A website for the late acclaimed stunt-coordinator/director/producer Danny Aiello III.

This website is mainly a resume/portfolio type website to provide an online home for information concerning Danny Aiello III's accomplishments and talents.

Heavenistic Chaos

This website is more of a fan website for the online game Final Fantasy 11 and soon to be Final Fantasy 14

Initially it was an experiment using a php forum based design, and will soon be developed into a full website in the future.

Cutting-Edge Design

Oni K creates unique web designs for each our clients.

We use only modern techniques to ensure your design is up to par or better with websites available today.

Responsive Design

Oni K designs websites that focus on how you're viewers and customers view your website.

We ensure your website is accessible across all the commonly used browsers and devices properly, and we also make sure your visitors have a wonderful experience.

SEO Friendly

Oni K gives great attention to your sites ability to be well optimized in search engines. You can't attract customers and visitors if your site doesn't do well in search engines!

We use useful tools to study your website, and provides advice and suggestion to further improve your online presence.

Current Projects

August 2012

Responsive Web Design Demo http://www.onikwd/rwd.

Using my portfolio website, I have redesigned it to demo responsive web design. It took a bit to get everything properly going, but the results are great!

Take a visit to http://www.onikwd/rwd on your desktop and your mobile device to see it in action.

Latest Projects

April 2012

Redesign of Dragon Kim's Karate USA.

Their original site, located here, was kind of a super old school, behind the times website that definitely needed an uplift. On this website, I went to focus on their advertising of their school and their programs, while keeping the design pretty simple but powerful.

July 2010

Revision of the Blue Dragon Martial Art's Website.

I went for a much cleaner and modern design then the previous layout, and to give much easier access to information found on the website.