Oni K's Portfolio

Charitique (currently offline and a work in progress!)

My first e-commerce project. This website focused on selling women's apparel and accessories and a portion of their proceeds goes to a charity of the month.

The unique part of this website is that I change the colors of the website each month, to coordinate with the change of charities each month. It's still a growing website with more additions coming in the future.

Dragon Kim's Karate USA

A website redesign for Dragon Kim's Karate USA, a very successful Taekwondo/Karate school in the New Jersey and Staten Island area

In this website I tried to keep the colors mellow and simple, but use bright and strong contrasting colors to bring out important features on their website, such as their "Easy Start Special" and other text.


Blue Dragon Martial Arts

A website for Blue Dragon Martial Arts in Manalapan, NJ.

Owned by Master Jimmy Hsu, this is a school who focuses on more of a MMA type style of Martial Arts, while retaining some of the traditional Taekwondo customs. This website I focused on making the homepage a hub for all the latest news on the school, as well as pose as a catching advertisement to new students.


Red Dragon Karate USA

A website that provides information for a Taekwondo School in Pennsylvania.

Owned by Master Steve Landgraf, he owns three schools in Pennsylvania: two in Carbondale, PA and one in Clifford, PA.

He uses one website for both locations.


Danny Aiello III

A website for the late acclaimed stunt-coordinator/director/producer Danny Aiello III.

This website is mainly a resume/portfolio type website to provide an online home for information concerning Danny Aiello III's accomplishments and talents.