What Can Oni K Do?

Oni K works very hard to deliver you the best website we can for you, our clients. But we don't just make your site look pretty; we make sure you website does what it's suppose to do:
Be seen by other people.

What Oni K Does for your website:

- Custom Web Design
- HTML/CSS Standards Compliant Coding
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Content Creation
- Web Components
- Web Design Consultation
- Responsive Web Design

Custom Web Design (No Templates)

It's no mystery that each business around the world has their own unique style and personality. It's therefore indicative that the same uniqueness is applied for their website as well.

We don't work with pre-defined/pre-created templates. All our designs are custom made and molded to the desires of your business. Whether you need something whimsical or serious and clean, we construct your website from scratch and design to fit your business the best we can.

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HTML/CSS Standards Compliant Coding

The Internet is always changing, both in style and in rules. When it comes to coding your website, we aim to keep up with the ever changing Internet and design your website using the latest and recommended coding methods, such as HTML5 and CSS3.

Additionally, we are always mindful of how your visitors see your site. We pay very close attention to browser compatibility of your website across the most commonly used browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc). We also follow the web standard-compliance rules laid out by the World Web Wide Consotrium (W3C) to make your site as accessible to everyone as possible.

With the combination of up-to-date coding and coding standards, we ensure your websites not only look good on your screen, but on everyone's computers regardless of how they view it.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website does nothing for you and your business if no one can find it.

We code you're website to be Search Engine friendly from the start, then we submit your website to various Search Engines. We maximize your search engine presence as efficiently as possible.

We can also provide suggestions for futher improving your search engine presence once your website is up and running, may it be through social media options or various premium advertisement methods.

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Content Creation

Most business have their own way with words, or would like a specific message they want to come across, or perhaps use logos and images they have used for their business in the past.

Sometimes, however, business may not have images and text to work with, so we would be happy to provide that service, if the need is necessary.

Additionally, if you do have the appropriate content for your business already, we'll give you suggestions and edits to make so you get your word across efficiently. We understand the fact that information on print is understood and interpreted differently than on the web, and we will make sure your message gets across correctly. We also know that certain ways of wording passages can help your search engine presence.

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Web Components

Need a form? Or maybe a slideshow of pictures, or a video to be displayed on your site.

We can apply those if your business needs it.

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Web Design Consultation

If you have no idea what you need or what you want on your website, but simply just want a website of your business created, thats ok. We know how to get your website to work efficiently and properly, and we are willing to talk over any concerns and questions you may have..

Maybe you do have some idea of how you want your website constructed. We'll make sure your idea is placed onto your website, and fine-tune your needs to maximize your websites potential on the internet.

Each client has his or her own needs and ideas, so never be afraid to ask if we can do something even if it seems impossible. You may never know if it would give your website a unique flare to your own business.

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Responsive Web Design

Websites nowdays need to perform on mobile just as efficiently as on a desktop computer. We can accomplish that

We make sure your website can work and adjust properly to almost all mobile and desktop screens so where ever your customer is viewing your website, they will have the best experience.

In fact, to demonstrate, this very website is capable of conforming to multiple devices. Here are some examples:

Or even better, give it a try yourself on your mobile device.

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