I'm Kris Tan, the owner and web designer of Oni K Web Designs. Web Design is my passion, and hopefully you'll love the website(s) I create for you, as much as I do making them!

When you want to talk about creating your own websites, you'll be talking with me.

So, consider this an advanced "Nice to meet you!".

My Experience

I was introduced to web designing in 2002 during my high school education, and later persued the field in 2004, taking up Human Computer Interaction (HCI) as my major in college. I learned a lot about user interfaces and understanding people's psychological views on technology during my education.

However, much of my web designing knowledge has been self-taught, by a lot of trial and error and studying many, many websites around the internet. I've taken a lot of time finding out the best ways to deliver not only great websites, but cool and unique looking ones.

I originally used Microsoft Frontpage when I was first learning web designing, but I steadily moved away from the "What You See Is What You Get" type of web designing, and now I only build websites mostly by hand coding, utilizing HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, Flash, and more.

Ever since my first encounter with web designing, I've always had a passion to create websites, and I'm always looking for ways to be better at what I do. I like to keep up with the latest tools and technologies of the internet to better enhance the websites I create.

A Little Bit About Me

Aside from web designing, I love things creative and different. With that respect, I try to add that aspect to my designs as much as possible. It's difficult, or nearly impossible, to envision what designs I could create until I get something to design for. But for the websites I've designed thus far, me and my clients have certainly enjoyed the final product.